Premiere: alphie – late pass w/ holly

October 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

Author: Qarus


Bruh, yung alph and holly have concocted a darkened substance of a track, and it goes hammer. Entitled “late pass” these two have stemmed everything from white noise, to the rawest percussion and every dark crevice in between, from snapping bleeps and bloops to the Metal Gear Solid flash bang, this track goes off. These two have been on my map personally for weeks so for this collaboration to come just in time for Halloween was a match from heaven (or hell whatever you’re into). Regardless cop the free download as usual and follow these two masters.

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SC: @e_alphie

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SC: @hollyhollys


Premiere: Drake – Know Yourself (Montell2099 Remix)

August 16, 2015 § Leave a comment

Author: Qarus


New Zealand based beat messiah Montell2099 has com out swinging with every track he touches, and has stepped out as one of the best up and coming producers on soundcloud. This track which is a remix of Drake’s “Know Yourself” much like his others is a guaranteed home run for any based sound palette. Encompassing an almost based goth beginning this full frontal flip brings in raw percussion with basslines that chill you to your core but only after creating hands down one of the sickest beats, almost the way this track was meant to be heard. Regardless this dude deserves more than a follow so familiarize yourself with his sounds and keep an eye out for the free download coming soon.

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SC: @montell2099

Premiere: Captain Cream – Karat Top

July 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

Author: Qarus


Captain Cream has arrived with a full head of steam and is heading to the future and back with this fucking eccentric jam titled “Karat Top”. This track has a Norclub esque vibe coming full circle with percussion that will make every producer plum full with envy and these damn chord progressions that resemble the fuzzy feeling you get after that first bong rip. The Captain has been on my radar for months now and I could not be prouder of homies first relelase, he is by far one of the most technically talented impresarios this day and age has ever seen. Make sure you go and cop the free download as usual and definitely follow this man ASAP! ❤

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SC: @captain-cream

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